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REBEL Rack Molle Plate Kit

From $240.00

The perfect companion for your Black River UTV Roof Rack! This kit transforms your UTV into a gear-toting powerhouse. Let loose your creativity; fishing gear, firearms, tools and beyond – they're all fair game. We're not stopping there – as new Molle accessories emerge, this kit evolves. This is more than metal; it's endless adventure, engineered.

Upgrade your utility with the REBEL rack molle plate kit to equip your UTV with versatile mounting options. The UTV molle plate kit allows for the easy attachment of various types of gear, ensuring that everything you need is securely fastened and within reach. Whether it's for utility or recreation, the REBEL rack molle plate kit is your solution for organizing and maximizing the space on your UTV, making every outing more efficient and enjoyable.

  • Lightweight Aluminum Build: Crafted from aluminum, the Black River Molle Plate Kit remains featherlight, preserving your UTV's performance even with added accessories.
  • Effortless Mounting: No disassembly required. The kit effortlessly attaches to your existing UTV roof rack using specialized hardware, ensuring a secure and efficient setup.
  • Adaptable Molle Pattern: Showcasing an international Molle pattern, this kit provides a versatile attachment system for gear and accessories, a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts and military users.
  • Extended Versatility: Expand your UTV's functionality. The Molle Plate Kit extends beyond the roof rack's surface, utilizing sides for accessory mounting, doubling your gear capacity.
  • Dynamic Pairing: Sold in balanced pairs, tailor your setup to perfection. Separate and mount each Molle Plate on both sides of your UTV for a customizable configuration.
  • Diverse Attachment Options: Unleash outdoor potential. This kit transforms into a platform for various accessories—think fishing pole holders, gun racks, and more—for limitless recreational exploration.
  • Ready for Tomorrow: Designed for the future, this kit accommodates upcoming Molle accessories like a proposed tool holder, amplifying UTV convenience and adaptability.
  • Color: Matte Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Material: 1/8" 5052 Aluminum


  • One pair of Molle Plates
  • All hardware to install molle plates onto our Black River UTV Roof Rack.

Ships within 3 weeks of order date.

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