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REBEL Box and Roof Rack Kit

From $2,820.00

Get it all!  Upgrade your UTV’s capabilities with our premium REBEL UTV Box and REBEL UTV Roof Rack Combo, a rugged and reliable accessory crafted to meet the demands of your outdoor adventures.  Whether you are a weekend warrior, a farmer or professional navigating challenging terrains, the REBEL UTV Box is designed to provide unparalleled protection and convenience.


Optimize your vehicle's storage and transport capabilities with the REBEL box and roof rack kit. This all-in-one REBEL box and roof rack combo enhances your ability to carry gear securely and efficiently, no matter the destination. Perfect for those who demand both functionality and style, the REBEL box and roof rack kit is essential for anyone who’s ready to take their outdoor experiences to the next level. 

  • Durable Construction: Built in Altoona Iowa with
    high-quality materials, our REBEL UTV Box ensures durability and longevity,
    standing up to the rigors of off-road use. The robust construction shields your
    cargo from the elements and keeps it secure during transit.
  • Weather Resistance: Do not let unpredictable weather conditions hinder your work or play. The REBEL UTV BOX minimizes the risk of
    damage to cargo.
  • Security: Keep your gear safe with the added security features of the Rebel UTV Box. The REBEL UTV Box includes lockable latches,
    providing peace of mind when leaving your UTV unattended.
  • Increased Capacity: Maximize your UTV's hauling
    capacity with the additional storage space provided by the REBEL UTV Box. It is
    ideal for transporting tools, equipment, supplies, or recreational gear, allowing you to get more done in a single trip.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Not only does the REBEL UTV Box add functionality, but it also enhances the overall look of your UTV. Its sleek and aerodynamic design complements the vehicle's aesthetics while maintaining a professional appearance.
  • Easy Access: Accessing your cargo is a breeze with features such as hinged doors, sliding panels, or removable sections, depending
    on the specific model. Enjoy quick and convenient access to your tools or gear without compromising security.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for user-friendly installation, the REBEL UTV Box comes with
    comprehensive instructions and all necessary hardware. The straightforward installation process ensures that you spend less time setting up and more time enjoying your outdoor adventures.
  • Made of 6000 series aluminum, which
    provide strength and durability while keeping the overall weight of the box relatively low.
  • Finished with a Matte Black AAMA Certified Powder Coat - 10 Year Color Fade Resistance. Enhancing the REBEL Box resistance to wear, corrosion, and UV damage, keeping it looking new for a long time.
  • Stainless steel hardware is used throughout the REBEL Box to eliminate the risk of rust or corrosion, even in harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Weight: 80lbs
  • Large driver and rear door that can be locked and will lift with ease.
  • UTV box tilt functionality will still operate with the REBEL UTV Box installed.
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Ships within 3 weeks of order date.

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